Donation transparent distribution and traceable spending platform

Solving the distribution of basic social needs for economically disadvantaged individuals by using an innovative digital approach.
A collaboration between decent humanventure collective energy

What is HumanityToken?

Online service for donation management enabling transparent distribution among economically disadvantaged individuals. It allows restricted spending on eligible group of goods and services, such as food, shelter, healthcare, professional courses, etc. Full transparency helps to protect donatees from getting under negative influence of health damaging factors (alcohol, drugs,...),while providing assistance in overcoming challenging life conditions.

By using DECENT’s proprietary DCore Blockchain platform, donations are tracked transparently, which allows for donors to keep track of the exact way their donation has been distributed and used. Valuable information can then be further analyzed to provide even better support for those who need help.

The First Implementation

Token 4 Hope

In cooperation with Wiener Hilfswerk, Token4Hope will be created and distributed to indigent individuals and accepted in two stores in Vienna. This will be accomplished without any additional technological barriers.


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